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Welcome to The Write Stuff

Submit your writing here to receive feedback from peers. You may submit fiction with any theme - but nothing graphic or for mature audiences. You may submit works in progress for feedback as you are writing, or you may submit completed works. Fan fiction is allowed, but original fiction is the main focus here. Pieces may be submitted in short story form or they may contain many chapters. Be sure to review other writers' submissions while waiting for feedback on your own!

Note:  If you don't have a username for this site, email the Site Administrator to request one. Be sure to explain why you would like receive a username.

Here's the "Quick Start" User Guide:  (Feel free to print this page - link at bottom right)

Once you log in, you have several options:

  1. (Optional) Click your name in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to your dashboard. You can navigate to other areas on the site from here. By default, you will see links to the recent changes made to the site and to the latest news and events listed on the site. The dashboard is a user interface that organizes and presents information  in a way that is easy to read.
    1. You can customize your dashboard by clicking the "Edit" tab and selecting which "Portlets" you would like to display in each of the four columns available. This step is optional - you can play around with the dashboard if you want to, but I would skip it.
  2. Click "My Folder" in the upper right hand corner. This is where you will create and store your work. When you want to create a new story:
    1. Click "Add New" in the upper right hand corner of your folder and select "Folder"
    2. Assign the name of your story as "Title" of the folder 
    3. Write a short summary or synopsis of your story in the "Description" text box.
    4. Click the "Categorization" tab and select a category for your story
    5. If your story is going to have more than one chapter, click on the "Settings" tab and check "Enable next/previous navigation."
    6. Click "Save"
    7. While you are still within the folder you just created, click "Add New" and select "Page"
    8. Click the "Edit" tab to begin working on your story.
    9. Add a title for your chapter or short story.
    10. Add a summary of your chapter (optional).
    11. Write your story in the "body text" section.
    12. Click the "Settings" tab at the top of your page and check "Allow Comments" so that you will be able to receive feedback. If you do not want your story to be reviewed, do not check this box.
    13. Click "Save"
    14. To add chapters, repeat steps 7 - 13 above.
    15. The navigation pane on the left hand side of your screen should show your folders. You must create a new folder for each story from within your user folder (the one with your name in the navigation pane - you can also access your user folder by clicking "My Folder").
  3. Click the "Recently Added" tab at the top of the main page. This will allow you to see folders containing stories or chapters that have been created recently. You will be able to see the summaries, the name of the author, and the date. If you are not logged in, you will not see any of the stories. Click on the title of the story to access the folder, then on the page title (either a short story or a chapter) to read it. If there is more than one chapter and the author has remembered to check "Enable next/previous navigation" you should be able to click next to access subsequent chapters. To leave feedback/reviews:
    1. Click "Add Comment" at the bottom of the story or chapter. In the "Subject" area, you may type the title of the story or chapter. Leave your comments in the "Comments" area. Click "Save." Comments will be listed at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the "Recently Updated" tab in the navigation pane at the top of the main page. This will allow you to see folders containing stories that have been modified recently. To access the stories and leave comments, follow the same steps as listed in the "Recently Added" section above.

Have Fun!!

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